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Bomb Party
You are CIA Agents. You have tracked this enemy of the U.S. to this building. Sadly the target has escaped, but before he left he set two bombs. You have 45 minutes to diffuse the bombs. Good luck Agents!
Open Jump
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Riddle High School
Break into Riddle High Detention room and steal the detention slips!
The Fed
You are all now bank robbers. You read recently that trump is putting a new $1000 in the circulation. Your goal is to break in the safe and take the first ever $1000 bill and get out before the police arrives. You have 60 minutes good luck!
Western Saloon
Howdy there, Yall are all debt collectors. The local saloon has been skipping tax payments. Your job is to break in, steal the money, and mail it to me through the Pony Express. You have 45 minutes till the owner gets back good luck!